About us
“ELECTROCARE” as the name itself speaks, are pleased to introduce ourselves as a precisely experienced & competent manufacturer of Low Tension Switchgear Panels & allied products as per the list attached.

We are in this field of electricity for the last decades and have been giving it the right care. It involves a lot of precision, tooling and stringent quality control at every stage of manufacturing. Each component undergoes extensive checking during manufacturing as well as after assembly. In extensive field test carried out, our products have shown consistency in quality and reliability, which in turns indicate the quality of materials used; the substantial quality of the process and workmanship.

As a result many Industries have standardized ELECTROCARE for their Switchgear Panels and other allied products. The management of “ELECTROCARE” has adapted progressive measures for better customer satisfaction.

If you wish to be sure about having the right people for the job, your search ends at “ELECTROCARE INDUSTRIES”

  • Control & Relay Panels For 132KV / 25KV System Protection For Traction Sub Station (TSS) And For 25KV Shunt Capacitor For Entire Indian Railways Projects (R.D.S.O. Approved).
    Control & Relay Panels For 220KV-132KV-100KV-22KV / 25KV System Protection For Traction Sub Station (TSS), Sub Sectioning Post (SSP) And Sectioning Post (SP) For Entire Mumbai Suburban Railways Projects (R.D.S.O. Approved).
  • Power and Motor Control Centres (Fixed & Drawout). Tested For 50KA Short Circuit Test From CPRI.
  • All Types of L.T.Switchboards (Indoor / Outdoor Type).
  • Instrument / Pneumatic Control Panels and Desks. (Purge Pressure Type / With Mimic - Announciator)
  • Control and Relay Panels for H.T.Switchgears, Transformers of Indoor As Well As Outdoor Type.
  • Ac / Dc Distribution Boards Indoor & Outdoor Type)
  • Busbar Ducting (Indoor & Outdoor Type and with Alu/Cu Buses).Tested for 50KA Short Circuit Test from CPRI.
  • Feeder Pillars (Indoor & Outdoor Type).
  • Marshalling Kiosks / Junction Boxes (Indoor & Outdoor Type).Tested For IP-55 Degree of Protections.
  • Push Button Stations And Special Type Of Motor Starters
  • Battery Chargers
  • Cable Trays And Cable Ducts (Ladder / Perforated Type)
  • All Types of Sheet Metal and Structural Fabrication. (Stainless Steel / Iron Steel / Aluminium).